Beirut Palace Lebanese Restaurant in Mechelen

Want to come dine at an authentic Lebanese Restaurant in Mechelen Center?

Welcome to Beirut Palace, an authentic Lebanese restaurant in downtown Mechelen! Come discover our food culture together with your friends and family. In our stylish restaurant you can enjoy fresh, homemade specialties.

Would you like delicious Lebanese food? Beirut Palace is known for its delectable Lebanese meals. Featuring specialties: Beirut Mix Grill and Lahme Meshwieh (lamb).

Don’t forget “Fattoush” either! The most famous Arabic salad. A heavenly combination of bread and the most delicious vegetables. Very fresh and delicious for your taste buds.

Getting a bit hungry already?

Reserve your table right away at our award-winning Lebanese restaurant in Mechelen.

Lebanese Food in an authentic Lebanese restaurant in Mechelen?

Because we are located near the station of Mechelen, we are easily accessible. Both by train and on foot! Perfect to tie in with your culinary discovery of beautiful Mechelen!

Or stop by to take a break from the hustle and bustle of downtown. Delicious Lebanese dining out and conveniently located, with parking right out front!

Prefer to order and have the delicious food delivered to your home? That’s also possible! You can order via Takeaway. Do you have any questions or would you like to make a reservation? Feel free to contact us!

What does our Lebanese restaurant serve?

Everyone can find a Lebanese dish that suits them perfectly. From meat and fish to vegetarian dishes such as salads and hummus. In addition, we also have sandwiches and children’s dishes for the little ones.

Some examples of what we serve:

We recommend our Lahme Meshwieh & Beirut Mix Grill for lovers of a good piece of meat.

Lebanese Specialties?

Would you like to try delicious Lebanese food, but find it hard to choose?

We’ll help you out a bit! For children, we recommend our Jawaneh Chicken, 5 artisanally grilled chicken wings.

Our top 4 Lebanese dishes for adults:

Typical dishes in Lebanese cuisine include tabouleh, hummus and various goat cheeses, mixed or not with herbs. Lebanese mezze includes these and other hot and cold dishes shared by the entire table company.

Did you know that tasting mezze is not done with cutlery? With your hand, take bites with a piece of flatbread, romaine lettuce or cabbage leaf. A unique experience.

With a Mezze, of course, you drink a fresh and fruity white wine. We provide a wide selection of the tastiest wines. Don’t drink alcohol? Then you can enjoy a delicious Middle Eastern lemon lemonade.

Immediately reserve your table at our Lebanese Restaurant in Mechelen Center?

Unique restaurant experience at Beirut Palace

Going out to a restaurant is more than just good food, of course. A beautiful location and great service combined with fantastic food combine to create an unforgettable restaurant experience. A harmony of taste, culture and conviviality for all.

Our modern interior style with a some traditional touches We mode a combination of the high modern ceiling with the traditional arches to create the perfect design.

Besides a special interior inside, we also have a well-groomed and cozy terrace in the back. Perfect for enjoying great food, good service and pleasant company in the sun.

Have you always wanted to sample Lebanese cuisine? Choose our authentic “Lebanese Restaurant” in the heart of Mechelen.

Why choose a Lebanese restaurant?

Discovering a new culture through their cuisine is always an enriching experience. But we like to go one step further. We’d like to immerse you in the food culture we love so much. Our Lebanese mezze make you enjoy a real taste experience, together with your friends and family.

Because Lebanese cuisine makes extensive use of a variety of vegetables, it is enormously healthy. The selection for vegetarians, by nature, is also very large. In our restaurant, you get vegetarian dishes that are not “made for vegetarians”.

Authentic Lebanese dishes that just don’t contain meat. Think delicious dishes with the tastiest vegetables or even the best falafel in Mechelen!

Are you a real meat eater? Then we recommend trying our Lebanese grills . Lebanese cuisine also consists of many different types of meat.

Are you starting to get hungry yet?

Dining out in Mechelen at Beirut Palace is recommended!

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